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September 12, 2019
cat laying down sunning itself

Virus update

The common strain of Calicivirus is active in the ACT this spring. Kittens with sore mouths, sneezes and runny noses suffer like humans with colds. Unvaccinated kittens and cats fall victim to Calicivirus and take longer to get over it than vaccinated cats. Vaccines stimulate the cat's natural immune system to produce defences to viruses. The two viruses that cause 'cat flu' are calicivirus and herpesvirus. Most cats come into contact with them at some time in their lives. Owners can bring calicivirus and parvovirus, which causes Feline Panleukopenia or Enteritis, home on their hands and shoes so even indoor cats are at risk of illness. The vaccine for panleukopaenia is very effective and in adults immunity lasts for 3 years. The vaccine for the 'cat flu' reduces the severity of flu symptoms and vaccinated cats recover more rapidly.
August 22, 2019

Desex your cat

The RSPCA ACT is running their Fix Your Feline program again this year. Register with the RSPCA for an $80 discount voucher then call Canberra Cat Vet for an appointment on 6251 1444 or book online with us. Please pass this information on to anyone you know would benefit.
August 17, 2019

Arthritis in cats

Isabella had a terrible time climbing up on the basin to supervise the morning wash today. She clambered onto the laundry basket and nearly missed the bench when she leapt over. She wasn't much better when it was all over and she had to run for her breakfast. After pouring herself carefully down the cupboard she landed with a plop and a groan. At 16 years of age it's not surprising she has arthritis. Her back is not as flexible as it used to be and any leaping is difficult and painful. Her elbows take a lot of weight when she jumps off anything. To reduce the impact - and the pain - she turns her elbows out and almost lands on her sternum. We suggested placing a sturdy step near the bench so that she could climb up and jump down in smaller increments. Joint foods and enhancers help many older cats but we will probably prescribe some pain relief for Isabella, depending on the health of her kidneys and liver. Then she can get back to work in comfort.