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September 19, 2016

Birthday blast

Thank you to everyone who called in and helped us celebrate our 3rd birthday! Hope you enjoyed the cake and your cat is still playing with the gift! Canberra Cat Vet has grown since Dr Kate and Leanne waited for the first call on the the first day. We now have two vets rostered on every day and plenty of nurses and receptionists to provide you and your cat with the very best standard of care.
September 9, 2016

Pet census

Proplan, one of the big pet insurance companies, is running a nationwide pet census. It will be open until the 1st November. The premier pet insurance provider has commissioned this census to explore areas relating to the relationships Australians have with their pets. “We feel that pets are such valuable and important members of society that they should be counted.” “We are calling on all pet owners to complete the Pet Census 2016 survey so as to evaluate what it is like to be a pet owner in Australia today.” “Pet Census 2016 is steered towards adopting practices that promote positive pet welfare and generally encourage a successful and happy relationship between the owners and their companion animals. While Australians are already known to be a nation of animal lovers, Pet Census 2016 may demonstrate that pets play a big part in making us compassionate, happier, healthier and more sociable.” This short 10-minute census will go a long way in furthering research and development for pet welfare. Results of the Census will be sent to any pet owners who have requested results while submitting their census data.
September 8, 2016

Birthday party!

Cinta's rushing in to Canberra Cat Vet on Thursday 15th September to celebrate Canberra Cat Vet's 3rd birthday! You are invited to call in at any time on Thursday to join in the fun. There'll be cake and gifts for YOU (and your cat!)