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March 4, 2016


Cortisone is prescribed for many feline maladies, including allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes we may give a short acting injection if your cat is difficult to medicate. We rarely give a long-acting injection because of the risk of side effects. Tablets called Prednisolone or Niralone contain short acting cortisone and are our preferred way of giving cortisone because we can withdraw them rapidly if there are side effects. Although we start giving prednisolone (also called pred) tablets once or twice daily we soon reduce the dose to every other day to avoid long term side effects. Most people find that their cat accepts the tablet crushed into the food After 5 days of pred tabs every day the adrenal glands start to slow their production of natural cortisol. It is safe to stop after 5 days of daily tablets but if a longer course is needed follow our instructions carefully. Usually we recommend every other day tablets so that the adrenal glands keep functioning. On a long course of pred it is important not to stop giving the tablets suddenly in case the adrenals have closed down. Your pet may not be able to step up the production of cortisol fast enough to cope with an emergency, like a dog attack, a new pet or illness, and may collapse. Side effects of cortisone may include: drinking more urinating more, a wetter litter than before increased appetite long term cortisone increases the risk of diabetes in cats Never give cortisone at the same time as anti-inflammatory medications like Meloxicam or Metacam.
March 4, 2016
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Flea allergy

Fleas are still active in the Canberra region and giving some cats an irritating time. Some cats are allergic to the saliva of fleas. They scratch and lick out of all proportion to the number of fleas on them. They also lose and get discoloured hair and/ or little scabs and pimples on the head, back, neck, rump and legs. Normal cats are only mildly irritated by fleas. Just one flea bite in the flea allergic cat causes intense and long lasting itchiness. What is the proper treatment? We must eliminate all fleas on the cat and in the environment. Capstar or Comfortis kill the fleas and paralyse flea mouthparts preventing deposition of saliva. Every month treat your cat with Activyl, Revolution, or Comfortis to keep flea numbers as low as possible. Fleas spend most of their life cycle off the cat as larvae and pupae in bedding, carpet, dirt and leaves. Wash bedding in hot water and dry in the sun. Vacuum carpets and furniture often. Call a professional to fumigate your house. Cortisone products like prednisolone or Niralone block the allergic reaction and give relief from the intense itching.
December 15, 2015

Holiday opening hours

All of us at Canberra Cat Vet would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Here are are Opening hours over the holiday period in case you need us: Thursday 24 December 8.30am – 1pm Friday 25 December CLOSED Saturday 26 December CLOSED Sunday 27 December CLOSED Monday 28 December CLOSED Tuesday 29 December 8.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday 30 December 8.30am – 5.30pm Thursday 31 December 8.30am – 1pm Friday 1 January CLOSED Saturday 2 January 8.30am – 12pm Please phone 6251 1444 for an appointment For any problems or concerns when we are closed over the public holiday period please phone the Animal Emergency Centre in Fyshwick on: 62806344