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September 14, 2015

Ginger’s midnight snack

Ginger thought she'd struck it lucky when she found a half finished barbecue chicken in the TV room. She gobbled up as much as she could before the family returned. Next morning she felt rotten. Her stomach felt as if it was full of knives and she couldn't stop vomiting. Her carers rushed her off to Canberra Cat Vet. After all the vomiting she was dehydrated and she couldn't bear anyone touching her. An Xray of her belly showed a long thin chicken bone in her stomach, on the far left. Cooked bones do not digest very well and this bone was sharp and could pierce the stomach wall if not removed. Ginger had emergency surgery to remove that long bone. Dr Kate found another smaller bone blocking the outlet from the stomach to the intestine. It was the reason for the vomiting. Kittens and young cats are particularly fond of chewing and sometimes swallowing odd things. Keep cooked bones, hairbands, tinsel, string, coins, elastic bands, fruit stones, hard long grass, nut shells and other indigestible objects well away from them. You'll find more information on keeping cats safe on the excellent iCatcare site.
August 18, 2015

Gastro virus spreading north

Vets at Canberra Cat Vet are urging cat owners, especially those with kittens less than 12 months old to check their vaccination records. They should have had vaccinations against Panleukopaenia virus, also known as Feline Enteritis, at approximately 8, 12 and 16 weeks old with a booster at about 15 months of age. Panleukopaenia virus, has spread north from Melbourne to Mildura. Vets in Mildura diagnosed the virus in a litter of 5 month old kittens and a 12 month old male cat. The virus will continue to advance through inadequately vaccinated cats. The virus causes severe diarrhoea, collapse of the immune system, fever and dehydration. There is no cure but some cats survive with supportive treatment. The vaccine is very effective as long as kittens have had the last of their boosters from about 14-16 weeks of age.
August 18, 2015

Save the date

Oliver invites all cat lovers to Canberra Cat Vet's second open night on Friday, 23rd October, 5.30pm. Look behind the scenes at a cat hospital, meet cat sitters and boarding establishment owners, chat with our vets and nurses, meet other cat lovers, and learn about cat enclosures, flea control, cat (mis)behaviour, pet insurance, dental disease, cat toys. Join us for drinks and nibbles while you browse the stalls. Oliver's official photographer will be judging cutest and funniest cat photos - competition opens early October. Watch Facebook for details.