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September 26, 2013

Flea Allergy

Kaiser has been out enjoying the warmer weather - and so have the fleas! Poor Kaiser has been grooming more than usual and has lost some of his beautiful coat especially over the rump. Normally cats are only mildly irritated by fleas but Kaiser is allergic to flea saliva. Just one flea bite causes intense and long lasting itchiness. To make Kaiser more comfortable we must try to eliminate all fleas from him and his environment. Capstar or Comfortis kill the fleas and paralyse flea mouthparts preventing deposition of saliva. Every month his owners will give him Advantage, Revolution, or Comfortis to keep flea numbers as low as possible. Because fleas spend most of their life cycle off the cat as larvae and pupae in bedding, carpet, dirt and leaves they will have to wash his bedding in hot water and dry it in the sun. They should also vacuum carpets and furniture often. they may decide to call a professional to fumigate the house. Kaiser has had an injection of cortisone to block the allergic reaction and give relief from the intense itching.