Meet Our Team

Queen Annie

Sweet Annie is our boss, or 'Queen' if she pleases at Canberra Cat Vet. Annie has been with us since May 2015 after coming to see us with a broken leg as a tiny kitten. She was later found stranded on the side of the road. Dr. Kate couldn't resist her sweet, sassy charm and adopted her as our very own clinic cat.
Annie adoresssss food (a little too much), nothing will deter her from executing impossible missions of food thievery.
You will find her most often welcoming our clients and soaking up the sun in our waiting room.

Dr Georgia Knudsen


Dr. Georgia has been akin to animals for as long as she can remember. She followed her passion all the way to Sydney University, where she completed her Veterinary Science degree with First Class Honours in 2004.
In 2019, Georgia joined Kate as a co-owner of Canberra Cat Vet, recently in September 2023 Georgia became a Director along with John and Collette. She is enthusiastic about creating a safe, healthy, forward-thinking and team based work environment. Georgia is dedicated to strengthening our vision of 'çats-clients-team'.
She has a great interest in the inner and outer workings of cat medicine, behaviour, and virology. One of her greatest passions is performing abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds.
Georgia keeps busy looking after her fur cat babies, son and partner but finds time to ski, read and catch up with friends.

Dr John Yang


John is crazy about cats and has gained his membership in cat medicine chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists after studying at a high level. He moved up from the South Coast and left his favourite hobbies of snorkeling and scuba diving to indulge his love of cats.
After having been a part of CCV for years, Dr. John joined our team of Directors in September 2023.
John is fluent in Mandarin, enjoys playing badminton, reading and exploring the vastness of the interwebs. If you have a Scottish short hair, make sure you visit John because he adores them!

Dr Collette Berryman


Collette has always loved cats and is thrilled to focus on all things feline at Canberra Cat Vet.
After graduating in 2011, she initially worked in rural mixed practice before moving to small animal practice in Melbourne.
Collette was awarded a membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Medicine of Cats in 2017, and has recently completed a graduate certificate in small animal abdominal ultrasound. In September 2023 Collette come on as a Director at Canberra Cat Vet.
Outside of work, Collette shares her home with her partner, two cats Bentley and Nancy, two angle-headed dragons and a carpet python. She enjoys bushwalking, good food, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr Alice Kermond

Alice is an animal lover with a passion for cats, and like a cat, Alice is gentle, patient, welcoming and soft spoken.
Alice graduated with honours from the University of Queensland in 2018, before moving to Canberra to start her career in small animal practice. She is currently undertaking a 2 year post-graduate course with a goal of completing her Feline Memberships with the ANZCVS. She loves delving into all things medical and imaging.
Her own cat Gnocchi, an adventurous ginger boy, has only deepened her love of cats and their wonderful personalities.
When she is not cuddling a furry four legged friend she enjoys playing netball, hiking and painting.
Alice is also a Certified Peaceful Euthanasia Veterinarian.

Dr Kay Weller

Kay started working in the industry a week before she graduated, and has been working in small animal practice ever since.
She fulfilled a career goal by passing her Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists membership exams in feline medicine.
She is delighted to be working as a locum Veterinarian with our CCV team, and very much enjoys meeting all of our purry and fluffy patients.
At home she enjoys reading, knitting and yoga.

Dr Thea Chan

In 2020, Thea completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Sydney.
We are very lucky to have her with us three days a week, and she is very excited about the opportunity to pursue all things Feline Medicine.
Thea is CRAZY about cats. Dora and Swiper (Black and Orange DSH) have very kindly given Thea permission to live in their house. Thea has catered to their every need and want since they were 2 weeks old. You may have actually seen Dora out and about town! Thea takes Dora out with her as much as possible (as long as the place is cat friendly).
When Thea is not cuddling a cat you will find her purchasing an array of kitty CAT-ure for Dora, Pixie & Swiper.

Dr Eloise Bright

Locum *Behaviour only

After working in various small animal practices in Sydney, Darwin and, Canberra. Eloise has spent 3 years enjoying the unique challenges of the world of shelter medicine at the RSPCA.
She was very excited to be asked to join the team at Canberra Cat Vet primarily, to assist with behaviour consultations.
Eloise graduated with first class honours from Sydney University in 2006, and gained Behaviour Memberships in 2022, with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.
In March 2019 she started ACT Pet Crisis Support, a charity that helps low income pet owners with their vet bills, which keeps her pretty busy.
She has a gorgeous, very ''cuddly'' cat called Cosmo, two delinquent dogs, and two young boys. She enjoys camping, reading and sewing in her spare time.

Dr Kate King


Dr. Kate is crazy about cats and cat medicine. Kate excels at coaxing the best out of each and every feline she meets. She finds that gentleness and a knowledge of normal (and not so normal!) cat behaviour go a long way to gaining and keeping a cat's confidence - and solving their health problems.
Kate has been practicing veterinary medicine for 40+ years, working in rural areas, with large, small and all creatures in between.
In 2012 she gained her memberships in Feline Medicine with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.
She aims to make all the cats she cares for as comfortable and healthy as possible, no matter what their age.
Kate opened Canberra Cat Vet to ensure that felines weren't forgotten in the scheme of medicine. Dr. Kate has now passed the torch over to Directors Georgia, Collette and John. Kate has always been dedicated to her patients, her clients and our team.
Her goal for CCV was to have a community and family focused clinic with the best clinical standards and compassionate care.


Practice Manager

Originally starting at Canberra Cat Vet in 2013, Leanne was our head nurse for five years, and has since returned as our amazing Practice Manager. During her time away, Leanne gained experience in all things Emergency, teaching and non-feline. She is ecstatic to be back with the CCV team, with a desire to continue to help us blossom.
With over 20 years of experience in the animal industry, Leanne has worked as an Animal Attendant, Veterinary Nurse and Teacher. With accompanying study in a Diploma of Applied Science (in Animal Technology), Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
As a Nurse, Leanne found caring for hospitalised patients one of the most rewarding parts of her role. She derived a lot of satisfaction from knowing that their every need was met, and now invests these skills into the CCV team. Outside of work Leanne adores travelling abroad, especially when it comes to volunteer work and giving back. At home, Leanne spends time with the sheep, cattle, sassy puppy dog Lolly and feline friend Countess Mallory June Felicia Rose.


Senior Nurse Administrator

Cassie is a qualified veterinary nurse and also controls the clinic's stock and equipment. Euro came into her life after a bout in the wild and made herself completely at home.
In Cassie's spare time she helps at Pegasus riding for the disabled, Pets in the Park and has her black belt in Taekwondo.


Senior Nurse Co-Ordinator

Daria has always had a passion for all creatures, especially cats, and continues to be an activist for wildlife and animals in agriculture.
Daria has been with Canberra Cat Vet since she first started her journey as a trainee nurse, and is now flying high as a qualified nurse in the veterinary world.
She has a big soft spot for Siamese, Orientals and black cats; having grown up with them during her childhood, as well as adopting Tyson and Delilah. In scrubs she is one of our spicy purrito wranglers, who takes the time to work with and, understand even the stroppiest of felines.
Daria enjoys drawing, singing and dancing when out of scrubs.



A wonderful addition to our front-facing team Nicole has plenty of experience with various animals; at home, she has puppy dogs (Morton and Humphrey), turtles and parrots (Cosmo, Little Jerry, and Sheldon), and a gorgeous domestic long-haired Tortie, Buffy.
Nicole previously worked in pet boarding, at a doggy daycare, and volunteered at a vet school.
Outside of work, she and her partner enjoy hiking, eating, and loving their animals; she prefers the company of all things with fur, paws, beaks, and fins. 



Chloe came from a dog-loving, cat-allergic household but was determined to live her life as a cat admirer. She rescued a domestic medium-hair tabby boy named ''Slobberchops'' and proceeded to go further down the rabbit hole of all things cats by joining our customer service team in December 2023.
In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and reading, as well as various nerdy hobbies, such as playing PC games and Dungeons and Dragons.



Kathleen always thought she was a dog person…until she rescued her first cat Lilo, and realised she was a total cat person. Kat is originally from the sunny & artsy city of San Francisco, California; which also describes Kat perfectly. She moved to Australia in 2013; and lives in Canberra with her partner, her daughter Grace, and her two kitty cats Lilo & Goose.
Her newfound love has become a career. She enjoys working with the wonderful, kind and caring team at the Canberra Cat Vet. Kat looks forward to meeting you and your furry companions at the reception desk!



Emma loves animals small and large, but has a special connection with cats, especially tabbies and Bengals. Emma studied veterinary nursing so she could spend more time with cats.
In her spare time Emma loves watching anime, and on the flip side being outdoors on skiing, camping, and swimming adventures.
Emma adores snuggling with Skittles, her cheeky grey tabby, and her new kitten Orion.



Sophia dreamed of becoming a veterinary nurse as a child, and now her dream is coming true. She completed her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at CIT. Her experience at Canberra Cat Vet has helped her become an empathetic and caring nurse. Her patients love her gentle, kind manner.
She loves all animals, but cats are her favourite. In her free time she loves to spend time with her three cats, Queenie, Shirley and Freya.


Senior Nurse

Janine has worked in the veterinary industry for 21 years in three countries - New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia.
At Canberra Cat Vet she has found her happy place working with cats. Janine does an amazing job helping people keep their fur babies happy and healthy, as one of our dedicated consult nurses and leader of the 'Curvy Cats Anonymous' clinic, helping to keep kitties within a healthy weight range.


Consult Nurse & Receptionist

Africa came to us in November 2021 after completing her Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Studies. Starting as a nurse assistant, she has moved on to reception, social media and helping out the consult vets.
Africa was an animal lover from birth and became cat obsessed after getting a family cat at age 11 and hand rearing a litter of neo kittens.
She is the cats' mother, so to speak, to stray farm kitten she rescued in 2020, Spaghetti and her childhood tuxedo cat, Oliver.
On weekends Africa loves writing music, seeing friends and cat sitting.


Vet Tech

Jose came to us in July of 2022 as a Vet Tech, he has vast amounts of experience working as a Veterinarian in numerous countries in South America. He moved to Australia in 2016 to explore new opportunities and experiences, and is currently undertaking study and gaining experience to become a qualified and recognised Vet in Australia.
His veterinary expertise and medical passions include orthopedics, surgery and emergency.
Outside of work Jose enjoys working on his Kombi, odd-jobs, travelling and relaxing by the beach.


Trainee Nurse & Reception

Courtney has recently become one of our lovely receptionists and nursing assistants. She is currently studying veterinary nursing and zoology!
Encountering a vast amount of animals, Courtney was still drawn to felines. Her passions lie in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, especially during the recovery update stage.
Courtney's kitty Babygirl is a sweet and vocal Russian Blue rescue. She is keen to meet our cliental and patients while on the front desk. Courtney has a deep ambition to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.
She is so happy to be a part of such a skilled, positive and supportive team.


Nurse Assistant

Erin recently joined us in late 2023 after having a short break between veterinary work. Erin has completed a Certificate 4 in Veterinary Studies, and is looking forward to learning more about fascinating surgeries, stressful situations and handling spicy kitties.
Erin loves cats and dogs, she has a gorgeous burmese, Caspar and a cavalier King Charles spaniel, River. She spends her time reading, playing with her cat and dog, colouring and hanging out with friends.


Clinical Assistant

During 2021 Mercedes came to Canberra Cat Vet for work experience, and during her placement enjoyed working with cats and the CCV Team so much that she was offered a role as Nurse Assistant.
Mercedes adores learning all things animal and medical; her main goals are to become fluent in English to then later study Veterinary Nursing, and once completed, begin her studies as a Veterinarian.
Since she was young Mercedes has had a passion for animals and currently, she has 3 dogs and 3 cats which are all her best friends!


Clinical Assistant

Liz is a nurse assistant who loves helping around the clinic to ensure our vets and nurses have everything they need to take care of their furry patients. Liz is an incredibly dedicated member of our team and we would be lost without her. In her spare time, Liz enjoys drawing, watching anime with her sister Suz, and going to the gym.


Clinical Assistant

Charlotte is a lover of all animals, big and small, but cats have always been a top favorite of hers. She has a big soft spot for Burmese and Siamese cats. As she’s such a big animal lover and wants to spend as much time with them as she can, Charlotte is eager to study veterinary nursing in the near future, with the aim of becoming a veterinary nurse at CCV.
In her spare time, Charlotte loves spending time with her beautiful Burmese cat, Baby, and her cheeky bulldog, Lola, as well as George and Ella, her other puppies, a Guinea pig, and a rainbow lorikeet. On the weekends, she also volunteers time at RSPCA with all the beautiful animals.


Clinical Assistant