Reliable trustworthy information can be hard to find. Here are some of our recommendations: is a world authority on caring for your cat, cat breeds, cat behaviour and cat health. We highly recommend it as your Google Doctor!

Having trouble with toileting outside the litter box? consult Icatcare. If you can't solve the problem within a day call us on 6251 1444 or make an appointment with the BOOK NOW! button above - some of these incidents are medical emergencies, others are behavioural problems and just as much an emergency!

Tanya has written a great resource for all aspects of kidney disease in lay person's language. She explains all the tests we do, and why, and reassures the carer of a cat with newly diagnosed kidney disease that much can be done to give your cat an excellent quality of life.

Fritz the Brave for carers of asthmatic cats or to find out why your cat is coughing.

Mr Petman is an authority on cat containment. He has great info on planning and building cat enclosures, whether you do it yourself or pay someone else to do it.

Of course Canberra Cat Vet's blog holds a wealth of information. Just type your query in the Search box. If nothing helpful comes up please email us or let us know when you are next in.



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